| B O U I L L A B A I S S E |

| B O U I L L A B A I S S E |

” Don’t ask me how to spell that, ever, again. “

Oh, you thought my Festive Food Series was over? 

Unfortunately this is the last of the Festive Food Series but there will be more to come..just without the Festivity. But what a great one to end on, because Bouillabaisse is amazing. Paula agrees on this one too ❤

| F I N D | T H E M |

They offer you that escape from the city with sublime seafood dishes are crafted to make your day memorable, located in Mayfair and was created by searching through from the coastal towns across the world, to find that perfect dish which has been brought home by Kurt Zdesar and Jordan Sclare from a journey of culinary delight. Book a table and try items from the menu that will remind you of that holiday where your worries were left behind.

I love the interiors ( of course you do, Eni ) and strangely enough – I don’t know what it is about the bathrooms in all these restaurants but they seem to pay a bit too much attention to the decor of their washrooms. This was the same from D R A K E | A N D | M O R G A N  ,  P I N G | P O N G  ,  M O D E L | V I L L A G E and many others; Which is not a bad thing – why not do your business in a pretty setting?

Enough Said.

See For Yourself.

| F O L L O W | T H E M |



T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

Enter my world.

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