| D E A R | D E N M A R K |

| C O P E N H A G E N |

Actually, it’s “K”openhagen.

Part of my work work work work work…

Hej! So we all know how I love my interiors and exteriors and architecture in general, so I couldn’t stop myself from recording absolutely every corner of exciting walls and lights and all of the above.

Starting with some small shops in the city’s centre where I was able to visit my dearly missed churros and the cute ice cream stands that seem to be in lack in London.

| L I T T L E | M E R M A I D |


Coming out to a flower-garnished bay was a little bronze statue called The Little Mermaid which I was shocked to learn brings thousands of a tourists a year since 1913,  just to see the only 4 foot statue. (*anticlimax*) The original fairy tale was created by the Danish author Hans Christain Andersen and so this sculpture acts as a form of a memorial to the origins of the children’s story.

“when people are amusing themselves, they do not think about politics”

| T I V O L I |

Time to actually be a tourist and to visit the world’s second oldest theme park, Tivoli Gardens. Being a famous amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen, the park opened on 15 August 1843 and is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world, created for the hedonic fact that it takes them away from a time where the atmosphere was filled with political feud. I loved the fact that you actually felt like you were in a garden but then it also had roller coasters in it, and it didn’t feel like everything was artificially placed. All the buildings maintained their old brick structures and you could tell that the park was dated – and finally some sun! yayy**

“Babes, I’m staying at the Raddison in Copenhagen too! Let’s meet up!” -Y.

After a year (lol-sorry) Hi Yawa!

Unfortunately due to the time of flight return back to London I didn’t get to see it during the night when it is known for its beautiful and romantic display of its night lights, but hey – that’s what google is for!

And then it was back to rainy London after sitting through a 3 hour delayed flight. *sigh*


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T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

Enter my world.

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