| E I G H T ? |

| E I G H T | O V E R | E I G H T |

Miss you ❤

| F O L L O W | R O S A |

“Where’s the Edamame?!”

Don’t worry, it’s coming…

Eight over Eight is described as a sophisticated and cool minimalist E&O sister located “in the heart of Chelsea” ( 392 Kings Road ), where a vibrant menu of tasty Pan-Asian bites are complemented by delicious cocktails; it’s not the cheapest place to go, but hey – we are in London ( *cries* ). They hold private dinners, canapé parties and more special bookings ( even including a gift card for your inevitable returns ) and their menu consisting of:

Sorry kind of got carried away there…

And that’s not even it! I’ve missed out the different varieties that they have on their Lunch Menu, as well as their collection of wine as you can see in their wine shelves below, and their cocktail specialities – but that’s for you to discover!

I’ve been there over a countless amount of times and every time I go I am treated with the same lovely service and admire the same, well-kept and all round ambience of the interiors and decor. Even though I have never visited during the day time – which is something I plan to do soon considering it’s just down the road from me – I have had friend’s who have and have described the same amazement.

BabyG <3
BabyG ❤

So if you’re a model, a frequent go-er to Raffles and like fine dining with your friends then contact Jessica ( press@jprmediagroup.com ) at JPR, and if not, don’t fret – make your reservations for free | H E R E | or through the restaurant at +44 20 7349 9934 and eightovereight@rickerrestaurants.com

The opening times are as follows:

MON – SAT 12PM – 12AM
SUN 12.30PM – 11.30PM
MON – FRI 12PM – 3PM & 6PM – 11PM
SAT 12PM – 4PM & 6PM – 11PM
SUN 12.30PM – 4PM & 6PM – 10.30PM

Will hope to see you!

If you haven’t already, how about after visiting, cross over the road and head to | R A F F L E S |

Want to know a bit more about Raffles?

| H A P P Y | 5 0 th | R A F F L E S |

Guy Gerber
Guy Gerber

On the night of the 1st of October Raffles celebrated their 50th anniversary. It was great to attend with a few of my Oxygen Girls as well as seeing familiar faces including the MadeInChelsea crew, Karen Harding and my blog inspiration ThePlasticBoy (check out his blog, it’s great! HERE ). The venue was amazing, set up in the middle of Berkeley square, and the scenery was beautiful, holding enough space for the 1000+ guestlist of attendees and hosted by DJ Guy Gerber.

JPR Media Group

Special thanks to Jessica, founder of JPR Media Group that continues to deliver excellence to their clientele, ranging from Fashion and Nightlight to Beauty and Celebrities. Her company is constantly rising and pure, fresh talent!







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