| L I S B O A |

| L I S B O A |

“Phonetic: ‘Lish-bo-wa’ ” – J.

on cliffs

Not letting it fade away

It’s always great when you get to go somewhere that you not only have friends but family (or friends that are close enough to be family). And Lisbon was one of those places.

Really and truly I just wanted the closest thing to the Sun and culture from home but not so much of the backbreaking journey and wallet pain, and there I was. Not exactly remembering the day but noticing that same feeling when that sudden burst of humid air gets you as soon as you touch down.

There were so many places but Cascais was definitely a memorable one.  On my part, A better day to go could’ve been chosen to be honest- because a lot of people seem to share the same interests about the place and it gets pretty crowded during the weekend. But words cannot explain the positivity and the warmth of the place.

up aboveThe freedom to be naked (as I love) – not so literally – more of the open minded kind of nakedness.

General site seeing isn’t really a thing for me, I feel experiences are more meaningful if you act like locals or try to do things relatively normal. ( I guess using the buggies were not really normal but that was part of an experience I guess ) Enjoying the company of a loved one, sun, great food and good sleep – heaven’s best combination. But more to see and less to sleep is a good compromise to reach.


Arriving in this tiny town just shy of an hour South of Lisbon, awaited us a lovely gentleman and his buggy. They call it LisbonbyBuggy to be exact and I am not going to lie – it was definitely an experience. Feeling the lovely natural breezes coming from the fresh forests and overlooking the ascending hills and mountain tops, why not? Why would you say no to that? Plus we managed to get into a car argument, crashed into another car – almost hit another buggy and fell off the mountain. So let’s just say the least we got was a free tour up the scales.

The buggy was a great idea until we realised that without the buggies we would have to trek all the way back down to the nearest centre point. Brilliant idea Eni. But a great experience nonetheless going through the town’s most hidden architecture and stone roads, hills and forts as well as some anciently preserved castles

Aside from the stunning cityscapes and bugging there were the usual sushi cravings that I weirdly get once I enter a plane.


Once those weird cravings were somehow satisfied by entering countless numbers of different sushi spots in the centre of Lisbon, my love of interiors continued, exploring beautiful terraced views of Lisbon at night and staring at wine I knew I wasn’t going to drink.


And back to the central station of Lisbon, again. Again because I know it was not the first time – and definitely will not be the last.

Till next time ❤

eni in cascais

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