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Thank you, José Gordón.


“Meat the Master”, Jose Gordon. The world’s best steak they said? Of course I didn’t believe it, I mean just returning in from the motherland (Africa) not too long ago to be told that I was about to taste the  best meats in the world was something quite hard to believe as you can’t really beat the food back home.

But I was really about to be in for a shock because as confirmed by The Telegraph, we were really there, at Worlds End in Chelsea, and we were really about to have the best steak in the world.

360_beef_1217World-class meat connoisseur, José Gordón (and one of the owners, the Sergey Men), originally a farmer, had travlled far from his little  village of Jimenez de Jamuz, where he had dedicated his life in pursuit of perfect beef to a restaurant and farm called El Capricho, near Leon in Spain. In coming to london he was able to explain a close bond he had with his animals ever since he was a child, allowing for a collection of local (and often very rare) ox that he would mother on his family’s farm. Unlike most farmers, he doesn’t slaughter the animals when they are young. He lets them have free roam on his fields for up to 15 years. The resulting meat – known as buey in Spain – is a world apart from any beef we will have eaten before. It goes away from traditions and norms and introduces something different. Which Jose described as being a failure at first, but now it is certainly the opposite of that. And now, Jose’s arrival into the UK to bless Britons with his produce for for the first time has received an immense reaction.

 “Hailing all carnivores!”

So it was not surprising to see so many amazing reviews about his beautiful restaurant in Spain
“The best steak in the world”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 29 August 2011

This is one of the best meals and restaurant I have ever had. The restaurant is justifiably famous for the amount of care and passion they put into delivering delicious beef. Our group gave the chef a spontaneous, and well-deserved, round of applause at the end of the meal.

While suitable for a high-end meal, the restaurant also has very reasonable prices at the lower-end. Prices start from a respectable-looking 3-course “Recession Menu” including house wine for 20 €. At the high-end, choice pieces of beef go for 15.39 € / 100g.

Similarly, to the food, the wine menu has great low end options, and you can also happily spend hundreds on some very choice bottles if your budget stretches that far.

Best to let the chef advise you. We put ourselves in his hands and enjoyed a wonderful 3-course meal of ham, salad, steaks with peppers & chips, finishing off with a exceptional dessert platter. 

Service is excellent with the chef happy to explain to you the history of your selected steak (yes, he knew the cow personally) and give guidance on wine selection.

img_3798It was lovely to be able to meet José and to really understand as he carefully described the importance of really taking care of the animal and its process of life, and I must say you can really taste the care for that animal in the meat. We learned about how José Gordón raises, ages and cooks his meat to the very highest of standards. An hour outside the Spanish town of Leon, José’s the hugely successful restaurant, El Capricho Proprietor offers seasonal and locally sourced dishes which adapts to an ever-changing menu while a carefully selected wine list balances old and new world vintage labels.

We tried a wide range of his specials including Cecina de Buey (Premium Cured Ox Leg), Carpaccio de Lomo de Buey Madurado (Carpaccio from the entrecôte matured 180 days with olive oil and salt), Steak Tartare with Charcoal grilled Spanish Red Peppers, Vacio de Buey (Premium Ox Flank Steak), Chuleta de Buey Premium (Premium Ox Bone-in Rib Eye Steak – 90 days dry aged) and a lovely desert.

April and IThis will be integrated into the new Menu of World’s End Market which will include tender cuts include Carpaccio from the Entrecôte which is matured for 180 days in high-quality olive oil, Flank Steak from the Vacio de Buey, and Cured Premium Ox of the Cecina de Buey variety. A high quality and detailed process, the meat is dry-aged individually to ensure the most succulent and flavoursome finish for a taste, texture and experience like no other.

April Alexander and I were also able to enjoy the beautiful venue of Worlds End Market, flooded with natural light and boasting some of the freshest ingredients in London, The Worlds End Market is located in the grandeur of the Grade 2 listed building on Chelsea’s famous King’s Road. This new and exciting partnership with mouth-watering meats will attract culinary connoisseurs from across the UK to experience some of the greatest blushing cuts from Spanish meat master José Gordón.

The iconic Grade 2 listed building which formerly housed the World’s End Pub, welcomed José with interiors flooded with natural light and design features that give the space a charming 1930’s canteen aesthetic. The restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere is enhanced further by renowned street artist, Ninth Seal, whose exclusive artworks hang throughout the venue. The restaurant has even integrated reclaimed materials from the Harry Potter Hogwarts set, such as an impressive intricate wooden door frame casing the restaurant’s extensive wine selection.

Let’s hope Gordon Ramsay will say the same! (lol)


Many thanks to JPR Media Group

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