| E K À A B O |

|  E K À A B O |

Ekaabo, within The Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria 

“Lasgidi baby!”

So incase you didn’t know, Lasgidi is just another urban (and Yorùbá) way of saying Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria. Which happens to be where me and my family are from; So I’m taking you briefly to my cultural home. To humid air, happy faces, determination, amazing food, laughter that fills you and culture that takes you centuries back.

My family spend most of our time in and out of Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lekki – which are a few of the most popular neighbourhoods in the buzzing city. But mainly Lekki, which holds one of the most beautiful sunset views and beach fronts (as seen above). I took the chance to stop by one of my family’s favourite venues for food, Ekaabo within the Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos. Also known as the Lagos Continental Hotel!

| About |

The Intercontinental Lagos is situated on Victoria Island, and is the tallest hotel in West Africa with 23 floors, 352 rooms  and suites with stunning views of the Lagos creek and/or the Atlantic Ocean.

There are six drink and food outlets (Ekàabo being one of them) with so many different ranges of food (from Nigerian and international cuisine to Chinese and Italian specialty) and different bars located in and around the hotel (the poolside bar and the sports bar)

The InterContinental Spa, a spacious gym, beauty salon, and steam and sauna rooms are a few of the many services that can help you rejuvenate if you are lucky enough to be staying here (and not just coming to eat all the food in the restaurants!).

They also have large event rooms such as the Grand Africa Ballroom being the largest event hall holding up to 1400 sqm. Including 5 meeting rooms and an executive board room for more exclusive meetings next to the business center. And throughout all of this you can enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi that is available to use throughout the hotel (even if you are relaxing by the pool or even waiting for a car outside!).

It is a wonderful place to visit, as a Nigerian native OR a tourist, irregardless of whether or not you are actually staying at the hotel – the food is there for all!

| The Interiors |

The hotel does not fail to impress! As soon as you enter through large glass doors you are greeted with (not only the lovely and hospitable door bell and reception staff) grand floor-to-ceiling oblong white columns that reflect the beautiful white lights hanging off the wooden-embellished ceiling scape. These white lights become warmer as you make your way into the lobby that then leads off into the elevators for the hotel rooms or separates towards the restaurants depending on your reason of choice. The marble flooring is chic and follows you through to a welcoming bar – it just makes you want to stay there! Even before you’ve even seen the rooms or had any food:

| The Food |

The hotel offers an array of dining experiences, however Ekàabo was the venue that my family and I ate at frequently and I wanted to hone in on; buy we had also been to the all of the other dining venues within the hotel that I will also brief about:

| E K À A B O |

Ekàabo (Ekaabo ronounced: Eh-Kah-Boh) meaning, Welcome in Yorùbá (Yoruba being my native language, and also one of the most common languages spoken in Nigeria – including that of Hausa and Igbo – out of Nigeria’s 200+ languages) is my favourite one of the hotel’s many restaurant venues.

Mostly because it provides an all-day dining restaurant service, the best in my opinion being the Sunday Brunch experience (perfect for the very important after Sunday Church meal that is imperative of the Nigerian Christian culture).

Say Hi to the Ekàabo Chefs!

You get to experience the live cooking stations that include an interactive chef-to- guest serving experience where you can make jokes with the chefs and even ask questions about the food or any dietary requirements that you may want to discuss with them.

Although most of the food is displayed in a buffet-style format, you can still request for things to be made (at an extra cost maybe, or at their discretion) in a specific way that may suit you. Another benefit of having the chefs on display is down to the basic fact that it is indeed a hotel; so you are going to have a lot of foreigners in the hotel. Which means not everyone would be accustomed the the range of International and local Nigerian food that is on display – and you may indeed need them to translate or explain certain aspects. Sometimes Nigerian food can be a bit daunting, especially to non-Africans!

Their hours of service are:

  • Monday to Friday; Breakfast: 6:00am-11am
  • Monday to Friday; Lunch:   12:00 pm to 4pm
  • Monday to Friday; Dinner:  6:30 pm to 10pm
  • Sunday Brunch: 12:30 pm to 4:00pm
  • Monday to Sunday; Bar: 24/7

| A R I Y A |

Ariya is a Grill shack and Bar located on the 5th floor of the hotel. It isn’t usually visited by members of the public because of its location (but again, you don’t have to be staying at the hotel to enjoy it) and is frequently used by the hotel stayers! They have a wide selection of grill themed foods, from the safer Gyoza and grilled meat options (burgers and hotdogs) to the traditional Nigerian BBQ menu (yes, that famous and tasty Suya that we all crave) that you may find on the side streets, except here it comes with a dining experience and bar music that completes that holiday vibe!

Their hours of service are:

  •  Monday to Sunday: 9am – 2am

| P S S P |

PSSP is short for the Pool Side Bar  that is again, located on the 5th floor of the hotel. It really reminds me of the Radisson Blu Lagos (which I also visited frequently and will be returning to record the experience) because of its similar breath taking view of the Lagos lagoon. It is a perfect place to wind down, go or a swim and catch a few bites. If you are staying in the hotel (that we realised) you can order room service or order from the hotel kitchen and they will bring it straight to you. If not, you can still enjoy the services of the bar by the side of the Pool.

Their hours of service are:

  •  Monday to Sunday: 9am – 2am

| S O H O |

Soho is a stunning Chinese restaurant that offers more of an intimate and private dining experience (perfect for a romantic dinner if you are at the hotel or visiting as a couple). Soho provides plenty of options for those special and memory-making moments using its extensive selection of wines and delicious cocktails. Overall it is an experience not to be missed!

Their hours of service are:

  •  Monday to Sunday; Dinner: 6:30pm – 10pm

| L O B B Y | C A F E |

The Lobby Café is a small cafe within the lobby of the hotel (hence the name of the cafe) that shows a wide selection of light bites such as scrumptious sandwiches and pastries; all the whilst serving afternoon tea as its pinnacle of attraction. The cafe is also said to be the best coffee in Lagos – but I am not a huge coffee fan so unfortunately I cannot really comment on the validity of that statement, but word goes around fast in Lagos and I am 100% sure that if it didn’t live up to its name no-one would give it that title!

Their hours of service are:

  •  Monday to Sunday: 7am – 10pm
This is family |

Love you, Mama <3
Love you, Mama ❤
You have the lavish, the extravagant, the enjoyment, the great, greater and greatest. Which is amazing! And I can't wait to return to the motherland and show you many more beautiful places to eat in Lagos. But sometimes I wonder, where is the in-between? Where is the balance between being so low and so high? Of course there are problems in every nation but Nigerians seem to compound things upon us that could be so simply solved. Easier said than done, but we need to start thinking together, and being together - thinking towards the future at least. This isn't a Socio-economic and political blog so I'll stop the rant there.

Despite everything, I am Proudly Nigerian. That is Love.


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