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Lavie Mom, USA


LaVie came to me at a time when I was in need of support than any other time in my life. Becoming a newly first-time mother as well as experiencing the joys but many challenges of breastfeeding was definitely one of the most challenging times of my life so far. I was NOT prepared for the amount of effort, work, exhaustion, pain as well as sensations that were going to come out of simply delivering mother nature’s milk to my beautiful child!

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Everyone worries you about labor, childbirth and the actual form of delivery – but its almost as if you are then forgotten about once the baby comes. You leave the hospital – and then job done, right? Right? No – the hard part is just beginning. And when I finally could express milk (thankfully I was able to bypass the many difficulties that some women have in the beginning as some can’t even get their milk flowing. My milk was coming out so much that I had to wear breast pads before I even left the hospital because I was leaking milk everywhere!) it was then worrying about the horrible aches and pains of my breasts actually getting used to how much my son was needing to feed and how much it needed to produce to keep up with him. It was like the battle of supply and demand – biologically!

“Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience that many new mothers look forward to.” – L.M

However, I feel like no-one really prepares you for it for many reasons. Although it is definitely confirmed to be the BEST form of initial nutrition for you little one because its self-formulated and biologically created to specifically suit the needs of your child, as well as the bonding benefits and the smells that your little one craves; not every woman choses to breastfeed. A lot of women are working mothers – and even though many workspaces are catered to allow their women to pump/express/feed in private – it is very exhausting and time consuming as well.

Another reason being that for a lot of people the experience comes with challenges, such as engorgement, plugged ducts, over- or under-supply, and other breastfeeding issues that can take away from their positive experience – this in turn may lead to the mother giving up all together. And believe me when I tell you – I was there several times. I even cried at one point (no, not just because of the hormones) because of how much my nipples hurt. And *sensitvie description ahead* I was literally bleeding and cracking from the nipples to the point that I would almost cry every time I would feed. If not for my amazing mother, I would have run to the store and used formula THAT DAY. These problems can be painful, stressful, and lead many moms to end their breastfeeding journey earlier than planned. I had planned to feed for at least a year, and I am proud I made it to around that mark – and honestly without LaVie helping me alone the way I really don’t think I would have been able to do it.

LaVie was inspired through their own breastfeeding journey and challenges. They made it their mission to create solutions that will help. They believe that every mom deserves to have the best experience – and I am in complete support of that. Something so little can really go a long way!

They also have amazing reviews that you can take a look at to confirm the vast majority of feeding mothers that have been able to benefit from their range of helpful products.

I was gifted the Duct Flow Tincture Supplement (Lactation Support) and the Lactation Massage Roller.

The Duct Flow Supplement  is supposed to help with clogged ducts and mastitis which can be extremely painful and discomforting. Keeping your lymph system moving and strengthening your immune system can support a faster recovery. The Duct Flow tincture helps to invigorate lymphatic function in the breasts and is a perfect companion to the Lactation Massager. It helps to:

  • Supports optimum immune response
  • Herbal biotics for tender and sore breasts
  • Supports healthy lymphatic function to get things moving
  • Soothes discomforts associated with clogged ducts and mastitis
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free.
  • Made with Organic and Wild Harvest Herbs

The Lactation Massage Roller, however, is the yin to the duct flow’s yang, as it targets milk flow from the exterior.

It helps by massaging the breast, which is an important part of ensuring proper milk flow (prior to this I would just use my hands which was not as effective, and could tire out the hands after a while), and helping empty the breast. Hand massaging can be uncomfortable and painful over time. It helps to:

  • Empty more effectively
  • Improve milk flow and letdown
  • Reduce getting clogged ducts
  • Stimulate the breast
  • Medical grade silicone and BPA free

“Did you know that hands on pumping can help get you an average of 48% more milk than the pump alone can remove? Studies show that massaging while pumping not only increased output but also contained twice as much fat in the milk compared to just pumping.”

The Lactation Massage Roller is specifically designed to adapt to your needs.  There are 5 different ways you can use the massager, and it is water resistant so you can use in the shower. 

*Images taken from LavieMom’s Website.

| S H O P | L A V I E |

I wish every aspiring/current mother the best journey possible! Whether it be with or without a breastfed child – a happy child is a fed child. And a happy mother is a happy child! This is just a little something to help you if you do decide to go down the breastfeeding route.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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