| M Y | O L D | D U T C H |

| M Y | O L D | D U T C H |

My Old Dutch, Chelsea, London

“Once upon a Pancake there was a girl who loved food – which included incredibly tasty pancakes – and she decided that she had to share all of the goodness with everyone too.” – E.

| History |

Instantly I thought – why “My Old Dutch”? *Plot twist* No – Pancakes are not American.

In 1683, Dutch pancakes appeared in De Verstandige Kock (The Sensible Cook) cookery book. Recipes provided for ‘common pancakes’ and ‘the best kind of pancake’ which include Sugar, Cloves, Cinnamon, Mace, and Nutmeg – and this was the stem that started the pancake craze (although they say the first sights of Pancakes dates back to the Roman times, but let’s give the Dutch the benefit of the doubt). Thus stemming the restaurant’s peculiar name.

As a young girl I was always fond of the often celebrated Pancake Day (also known as Shrove Day) in the U.K. and having a whole restaurant dedicated to the gods of Pancake is mind-blowing just to think of it. For a start, they throw specific events across their branches in Kensington, Chelsea and Holborn; and hold an increased amount of guests on Pancake Day (contactable specifically at pancakeday@myolddutch.com) as well as continuing their extended menu with specials including multiple layers of sin.

Actual sin. Because this many calories, sweets, and everything amazing cannot be topped up into one dish just under one roof. It’s an actual sugar infested orgasm. And I don’t think I could explain that any more accurately.


Mmmm….so chocolatey

The original pancake house was established in 1958 and situated conveniently between the West End, Covent Garden & the City. Including these great locations, My Old Dutch offers savoury and sweet pancakes as well as a selection of salads (which can come as toppings or sides), traditional Dutch starters and desserts. It was amazing to be able to try combinations of all of these things, including a touch of its traditional elements, like traditional Dutch scotch eggs.

| The Food |

I always tend to go for the simple things – making pancakes at home would only consist of a thin layer of melted butter and some granulated sugar, brown or white; and I don’t even touch the syrup – and If I have any fruit toppings they would always be on the side eaten separately.

Ok, that sounded a bit OCD but trust me I am far from that.

So I tried their simple lemon and sugar, with added butter (again, a great feature there is their “You Choose” menu which allows you to bring your own unique sense of taste onto their menu by being able to combine toppings in your own way) and the cinnamon sprinkles pancake covered in whipped cream. These pancakes were traditionally flat, crepe-like, but the Specials contained those fat monster pancakes that we all crave.

I am usually not a fan of super sweet things either, and I usually tend to stick to naturally based sugars such as those that you would get from fruits (Yes, Mango) but when Mother Nature calls and you just happen to be invited to review the house of everything sweet and more, then I would definitely not hide the fact that it was a night of pure indulging. Like, screw the fresh fruit salad for once? Pure. Indulging.

Oh, the deserts. Where to start? (Maintaining the fact that at this point my tastebuds had already hit the sugar overdrive level).

Those Poffertjes (profiteroles) were unbelievable and I almost wished that I had eaten them first and saved more space. It was like heaven in multiple layers. I don’t think there is much to say once you see them below. And in this case, pictures don’t do any justice.

Apart from the sweet goodness, their savoury pancakes (which I have never been a fan of – but again – swayed!) were also 12/10. Ranging from splashes bacon, egg, and spinach to prawns and various meats and more.

Including the belly ache from the impressively generously portioned dishes, we tried their amazing milkshakes, which included the classic Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate, as well as some extra amazing-ness of Oreos and even Kinder Bueno (which for some reason was imprinted all over the restaurant too – maybe it’s some sort of Kinder fetish. Nonetheless it’s all just so amazing)!

| The Interiors |

The atmosphere in Chelsea was warm and professional, eating in on a weekday there was the usual suspect of a slightly quieter interior. But it was still buzzing, and the service was over ten, with their giant plates of food arriving in front of us just a minute or two after ordering.

The interiors display several paintings in the pop-art style, including art that seemed to be engraved onto the actual paint work of the walls. Including downstairs that had more private booths and which could probably seat over 10 people.

I would definitely say this place is family and child friendly. But also friend-catch-up, date-night and trying-to-get-sober-by-eating-loads-of-sugar friendly too! I am yet to go there during an early morning afternoon as I am sure the brunch and breakfast experience would be more than mind-blowing – but until then I am certain I have had my “fix” for the year and unless I want to be reading up on liposuction in the near future I won’t be returning until my blood sugar levels go down.

Even if you’re not a fan of Pancakes (In that case, I am very curious as to why you have continued reading up until this point) you really shouldn’t let that stop you – there are so many options and so many things yet to discover. Tastes that I had not realised in my 22 years of living. So at least spend a few hours on the 12th February and spend your Pancake Day the right way:

At My Old Dutch.

Save the diet for another day. #LiposuctionReady

Address221 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5EJ

Contact: (+44)020 7376 5650 or to book for a large group or event please contact one of their restaurants directly or email them at info@myolddutch.com alternatively, you can make an online query through their website.

Price Range: £££

| F O L L O W | T H E M |

| I N S T A G R A M |   | F A C E B O O K |   | T W I T T E R |

Other venues:

131-132 High Holborn
London, WC1V 6PS
Tel: 020 7242 5200

16 Kensington Church Street
London, W8 4EP
Tel: 020 7376 6090

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Tel: 020 7584 1978
Email: press@jprmediagroup.com

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