| P I N G | P O N G |

| P I N G | P O N G |

Ping Pong, Westfield Shepherds Bush, London


Ping Pong is a Chinese restaurant located in several locations around the world that specialises in Dim Sum, Bao, Gyoza and Dumplings. They also have a large selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten friendly dishes (an important factor to think about think about these days) – so “dim sum for everyone, whatever the occasion” is one of their mottos.

| The Opening |

Kelly Brook, Georgia and I
I attended the official opening of Ping Pong’s Westfield Terrace Branch in London in late 2015. Glamorous television personality and model Kelly Brook hosted the opening in the form of a special Christmas party.  It was a really nice event with a display of expert dim sum makers and cocktail mixing masters at the bar, as well as great beats by DJ Malik Alary, and beautiful dance performances.
| The Food |
Fire Prawn Crackers

The FOOD was amazing.


“Yes, Amazing.” – E.

And we were just having appetizers during the opening event, so you could only imagine the full dishes (Actually, no need to imagine – I went back again for a full menu review in 2017 – which you can read here).

Their range of food is great, from duck spring rolls and Thai style prawn and scallop soup, to special dishes such as chilli pork tenderloin.

My favourite appetizer was the duck dumplings, they are definitely the top of my would-be recommendation. They are perfect to order while you ponder on which main you’re going to order, and their light topping of spring onions and lettuce allow them to serve as being filling but also refreshing light starters.

The rest of the appetizers are displayed below.

| Interiors |

The interiors are displayed beautifully, my favourite piece being the large central island that shows the chefs working their magic for all to see.

It stems from the honest Chinese tradition of the Cantonese Teahouses that serve dim sum continuously, without their customers having to leave their seats. And also a continuous flow of tea that will get refilled – and you can see that in the menu below.

During the day it is a vibrant and busy atmosphere, with bright orange lights tinged with a dim art deco. This stems from the the Cantonese in Guangzhou that from tradition, deliver a loud and happy dining experience!

But then at night it turns into It’s a really intimate setting with dim lights and lit pathways leading you into the seating areas at the back. You feel nice and cosy but at the same time there is a lot of space and you don’t find yourself so smothered that you are forced to listen to someone else’s conversation (oh – I hate that!).

A memorable moment was watching expert dimsum-makers teaching us and Kelly Brook how to make them. They are – believe it or not – a lot harder to make than they look!

Hand made Dim Sum!

And we got to make our own and even chose specific flavours for the dim sum pastry – some made from wheat, some from rice noodles and many more options – and then fully cook them in a broth of our choosing. I used a rice noodle dumpling wrap flavoured with green tea!

Obviously this was only a special part of the opening party, Ping Pong don’t offer unique master classes for dim sum on a normal night. But it reflects the vast amount of options that they have to offer. Their dim sum selection is more than some other restaurant’s total menu option choices!

| S E E | T H E I R | M E N U |

Overall it was a great night and definitely one of the top of my recommendation – I feel like everyone is into Chinese food; but Ping Pong is able to add that special twist to it!

Address: PING PONG WESTFIELD SHEPHERDS BUSH; UNIT 1209 Ariel Way, Southern Terrace; Mon-Thu: 11am – 11pm Fri-Sat: 11am – 12am Sun: 11am – 10.30pm

Contact: (+44)02079525310 or  B O O K | H E R E

Price Range: ££

| F O L L O W | T H E M |

| I N S T A G R A M |       | T W I T T E R |

Thank you, | J P R |

Can’t get enough of Ping Pong? See the Chain in St Katherines Dock! Still Hungry? | E A T | M U G A |


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