| L O O K | F L Y |

| L O O K – F L Y |

Look-Fly, Canada


Look-fly is a Canadian online retail brand that focuses on bringing trends and tasteful items, whether it be for women’s or men’s items, to your front doorstep. Their selection all-be-it a bit random, centers from trendy pieces seen worn on celebrities and influencers (to say the least) and combines them all in one place with a range of colors and sizes. Let’s just say it’s like an online catalogue for hot items that you will want to have on you!

I was lucky enough to be gifted some of their clothes which I am able to feature on here! Below I am wearing their Transparent bathing Suit Vintage bikini in size small, which has a wholesale price of $40.08 (CAD). Grab a blanket, wine, some amazing fruit, RnB playing on those speakers and let’s gooooo!

This was my favorite piece by far as it came just in time for the warming of New York City, which meant lovely beaches and picnics for this suited bikini to be worn. Not only can you use it as a bikini it can serve as a great crop-combination 2-piece for any regular outing.

Below I am wearing their Long Sleeve Dress in size small, white, which has a wholesale price of $45.12 (CAD). I love the simplicity of this dress and how it can be a hybrid between summer and autumn. In the summer wear it with some open-toed sandals like I did plainly, and as those cool breezes start to come in later in the season spice it up with a light jacket or coat, and some boot heels. See what I did there?

| S H O P | L O O K – F L Y |

They have free shipping world wide as well as free returns so you can try on anything that you have purchased online and return it if it doesn’t fit the best way possible! I absolutely love their figure-hugging style and their cute and ditsy dresses so I will definitely be returning as a customer once I figure out how I am going to create more space for clothes in my closet. But for now I am going to thoroughly enjoy this 2-piece.

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