| F A B L E T I C S |

| F A B L E T I C S |


Let’s get ready for the summer!


Fabletics is a trendy and worldwide sports brand founded by Kate Hudson that has been grabbing major attention ever since spotted on celebrities all around the world from back in 2014. And even more recently since their partnership as a brand with Kelly Rowland. They also have a newly added men’s division of just as amazing apparel and active wear that I would definitely recommend.

That is why I was so excited when I contacted by them in regards to a shoot they had planned. They are very into their athleticism and female empowerment image – as well as adding a sexy tinge and element to all of their pieces. And Eni loves her sexy.

| S H O P | T H E M |

Initially it was going to be a shoot that was focused around their #ReadyForTheBeach campaign along with a new line of bikinis that they had launched in 2015 (which has currently been discontinued as of 2019). I was given their Plush Bikini set in pink and their Miaia Bikini set in yellow.

All images were taken by Alexander Ivanov and makeup by Sharon Rose:

The shoot took part in the cliff sides of Folkestone in Southeast England, on a beautiful sunny afternoon and we were really able to embody the theme and image that they wanted to capture.

It was such an amazing day and the shots were incredible! The white cliffs were a great backdrop for the color of their Plush set to pop out!

As a lover of bright colors their simple bikini sets were not out of the ordinary for me, but my absolute favorite (and 3 years of wearing it still) piece was their Barbie single-set bikini piece. 

And hence by the name I felt like a beautiful black barbie wearing this piece, it just puts you in the damn mood! And adding to all of that, It has a very sexy and revealing aspect to it with the benefit of it being a single-suit and covering the midriff area for people who aren’t so comfortable wearing bikinis. 

“Let’s get it wet and see what it’s really about” – E.

I had always been into bikini modeling and it was something I was familiar with all-throughout the (consistent) beginning of my modeling career in later 2013 into 2014. But I was never approached to do anything athletic (which was surprising to me because I feel that I have always been quite athletic in my build). So when Fabletics had decided to continue their campaign with me to feature their new sportswear it was such a pleasant surprise. On top of the fact that I was finally going to have a wardrobe of amazing, sustainable, high-quality sportswear that will last me for years – sounds like a great deal to me!

These collections mainly focused on their 2015 #LiveYourPassion campaign that was all about women empowerment and female inner strength. And I could feel it – just simply putting on their clothing created an element in me that wanted to embody the strength within my inner woman. And that speaks power.

We would then travel to the beautiful city of Hastings to explore more ‘scapes for some more amazing shots.

But knowing the fun that I usually always have with Alexander (one of my favorite photographers to work with) it couldn’t end there. Venus Cow is another amazing UK based brand that I had been working with and I was able to have some of their amazing long-lasting leggings and bralet set that we were also able to capture in the beautiful town of Folkestone. There were so many amazing places and little unexpected corners that just screamed out picturesque.

We would spend the rest of the day making amazing content and laughing about how I would refuse to mess with any location that contains any type of insects that fly. Let’s just say I’m happy we got the shots that we did when we did.



| F O L L O W | T H E M |

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