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Baby Jives Co is a wonderful child-based lifestyle brand that includes everything from crafting mobiles, swaddles and artwork and not just limited to that; but with a focus on natural and sustainable materials and eco friendly and ethical manufacturing practices. Everything is pretty much hand-crafted in their Philadelphia based studio which includes their family-run sewing studio in Pennsylvania and a fair trade certified printing studio in India. They create modern heirlooms made to last long after the nursery is gone – and I absolutely love that!

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Just from the way your items would arrive all hand-crafter and delicately wrapped up with a personal message just makes you feel like you’re a baby that is being blessed by her mother’s touch!

My favorite piece that I was received was the Organic Cotton Swaddle Tapestry – Rainbow (Retail Value: $26.00) that you can see above; which my son is flaunting off very well, because of its soft and silky-smooth feeling to the touch (which my son loved) and how easy it is to wrap around him. Although at this time he is 20 months (as seen with the cute arrangement of letters and descriptives that were included with the Black Milestone Numbers (Retail Value: $16.00) that allow for amazingly cute timeline photographs that you can use to track your little one growing!)

Rumbling and tumbling!

And it just doesn’t stop there. They have a lot more to offer, including clothing, artwork, gifts that would be a perfect baby shower present, and keepsakes for the nursery/little one’s room items that have a very unique feel to them (you can’t really get them anywhere else as they are all hand-crafted specifically to the Baby Jives co style).

“Baby Jives co began when Jahje Ives was pregnant with her first child and she went through some serious nesting. With a background in fine arts, she knew she didn’t want a nursery like every other.  She searched for a unique mobile and when she couldn’t find the right one, she made it. Then in 2010 when her son finally started sleeping through the night Jahje took her nickname for him “baby Jives” and used it to start her company. Now working with natural materials like linen, leather and cotton Jahje designs her heirloom nursery items in between family time with her husband Joe and their 2 “baby jives”, Gavril and Elodie.” – BJ.

My little one absolutely loved playing around on the soft surface of their swaddle and as you can see at one point enjoyed it too much that it went from him playing and being excited about his new swaddle to him absolutely loving its feel against his skin and snuggling down (with an extra layer of comfort between the Baby Jives swaddle and the floor thanks to Baloo Living’s weighted blanket) to try to catch a snooze.

And the best part is that with my code, ENI15 you can have 15% off any purchase out of absolutely ant of their cute items for either your own little munchkin or someone else’s. All of their items are definitely worth the investment, and don’t just take my word for it – there are several people who have all benefited and enjoyed the warmth and joy that their Baby Jives purchase brought them – and you can see all about what other people are saying here.

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But…wait…not done yet, so in case you were wondering how I was able to get the swaddle silky-smooth and pressed without staining its beautiful white fabric and ruining its integrity, I was able to use Exagora’s I-Steamer:

| E X A G O R A |

Since 2017, Exagora has provided the world with premium quality household products, all designed to surpass the strictest safety guidelines! And I can vouch for that myself, using the steamer (see video below) I felt completely safe and secure (no worries of burning myself as the steam is very safe and concentrated tight in the nozzle of the steamer which means that even if you feel the steam, it isn’t hot enough to burn you – unless of course you stick your fingers right on it which is advised against) and it was just so comfortable not having to plug in an iron or mess around with an ironing board – and if you know me well you would know that I go out of my way to buy clothes that require minimal ironing effort whatsoever.

And I was shocked and amazed to see how well it was able to steam out those pesty creases and lines within my Baby Jives swaddle sheet. As you can see in the 2 images below, one is the swaddle before using the steamer, and then the swaddle after just using the steamer for no more than 2 minutes!

They aim to provide the best home goods which not only meet your needs but go above and beyond them and really take care of their customer’s needs (I being one of them)! I received the I-steamer in blue because I loved the neutral color and it came very intact with a plug for the steamer, and a detachable and refillable case which you can fill up to 120 ml of water that can steam several items of clothing. It is super easy to use and requires very minimal effort – just my kind of style!

It also comes with a brush that you can use while steaming (let’s say if you were to steam a rug or the carpet for example) that is powerful and portable. You could literally take this one  a trip and not have to worry if the hotel or airbnb has an iron and ironing board. As well as the fact that it has an anti-leak mechanism strong enough to stop any leakages from occurring. I would definitely recommend you to join their growing Exagora family who believe in products of the future! And get rid of your annoying iron and ironing board that is just going to leave stains and marks over time, all over your clothes. And why not, it comes with a 3 year warranty so you really have nothing to lose!

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With coupon code enimaj you will be able to get 10% off all their items, not limited to the I-steamer but also a list of all of their products in their catalogue which include



Car Accessories:


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