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| C A M I L L E | R O S E | N A T U R A L S |

Camille Rose Naturals Hair Products

Camille Rose Naturals is a black-owned beauty brand that primarily focuses on their hair products but are also diversified into skincare, bath & body and home collections. Which are not limited to adults but also children too (so my little one beware!)

The founder and CEO, Janell Stephens, came from humble beginnings. As s mother of five feverishly researching and developing solutions for her children’s chronic eczema, her rise to the top has been nothing short of an inspirational tale of grit and determination. Vision and action. Prayer and self-motivation. In a mere 3 short years, a hobby morphed into a multi-million dollar company with legions of fans, throngs of supporting retailers and infinite possibilities to come.

It all began in a small kitchen in 2011 when Janell initially planted the seeds of what would eventually grow into the Camille Rose brand, her needs were simple. A dedicated vegan, the Louisiana native and mompreneur created each handmade product under the mantra that whatever you put on your body should be good enough to put in it. This standard was unlike the mission of many of the popular beauty products on the market at the time with harsh chemicals and unpronounceable substances being the industry standard. As Janell conducted research into these substances that were the norm in the products on the shelves of her favorite retailers, it became evident that a premium method of producing beauty products was a dire need that wasn’t being met. It was then that she expanded her initial objective of simply developing products for her family, and soon began the process of creating the Camille Rose brand that we know and love today. And you can read more about their wonderful journey here.

And yesss to black business!

They have so many wonderful collections that are suited to different needs, from hydration, length retention and strengthening!

| S H O P | T H E M |

“You can trust Camille Rose to source ingredients with integrity, for every batch to be hand crafted with love.” – JS


| The Lavender Collection |

I have been blessed to try their Lavender Collection consists of 6 of their products (which you can buy as a whole bundle for $56 – bargain! – which reduces some of the costs and also saves time on shipping and reduce packaging!) that are described to be handcrafted herbal hair treatments using Lavender oil, that promotes healthy hair growth and length retention.

They really emphasize the rejuvenating powers of lavender oil, which promotes hair growth, heals scalp issues and tames frizz. Every product in the Lavender Collection is infused with healing plant extracts such as chamomile and mallow extract, along with silkening butters and oils to nourish and quench dry hair. Real lavender oil promotes healthy hair growth and length retention in this uplifting herbal growth system. 

The full collection includes: The Lavender Quench Deep Conditioner ($18); The Lavender Whipped Cream Leave In Extra-Slip ($14); The Lavender Shaken Hair Spritzer ($11.99); The Lavender Crush Defining Gel Extra Hold ($22); The Lavender Edge Glaze ($8.99); The Lavender Fresh Cleanse Shampoo ($8).

Here I am trying all of their products (except the Crush Defining curling cream) below in the video from start to finish as I do my own silk press! (and don’t mind my puffy eyes – should’ve slept more the night before!)

  1. I am starting off by using Camille Rose Naturals Whipped leave-in conditioner from their Lavender collection of course. This is my hair 3 months post-weave and it is texlaxed – which means not relaxed completely- and i have been texlaxed pretty much all my life.
  2. After sleeping in the leave-in, I shampoo my hair with their fresh cleanse shampoo which smells so good and then went ahead to deep condition my hair with a heated cap for 30 minutes
  3. I have carefully detangled my hair and sprayed it with my own heat protector as well as their shaken hair spritzer and now I am going to section it out for my blow dry,
  4. It only takes one (or at most 2) passes of the flattening iron when it comes to straightening my hair as it is already texlaxed, and I tend not to go directly into my roots so that I can retain some volume because boy, I do not like looking flat headed!
  5. And I don’t know, I kinda felt like doing a little cute up-do so here it is. And I am using their edge glaze to style those edges – with a burst of cold air and a tie-around to make sure they laid! And voila!
  6. So there it is! The lovely camille rose naturals Lavender Collection. And I cant wait to use these products all over again on my next wash day!

My hair is TEXLAXED (not completely relaxed) so I do continue to retain some curl  pattern and texture (yes lord!) but it is a lot more manageable for me. I identify as having loose-coily hair (as identified with texture description below).

My hair has been like this for years and it has been growing super healthy and strong because I take care of it.  (My hair was actually lower back level before a cut it last year).  I actually retain length easier when my hair is texlaxed because I don’t have to spend as much time detangling my hair (and it frankly is not as difficult) which means less combs go through my hair, which means less breakage and manipulation, and therefore MORE HAIR LENGTH RETENTION.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with chemically-treating or straightening your hair as long as it is done PROPERLY and sparingly. And by using products such as these for in-between your treatments you are fortifying your hair against any damages incurred.

***This is totally based off my personal opinion and experiences with handling my hair for as long as I have been taking care of mu hair properly. Everyone’s hair and journey is different and you can only take advice or suggestions with a pinch of salt!

The Finished Product:

My hair is roughly about 16″ to 18″ inches (mid back level) and I am due for a trim so an inch or so will probably be shaved off but health over length any day! Nature wise and Biotin has really helped me to keep up with my feminine health and in turn form healthy and flourishing hair. I really want to work on my thickness but I know that will take time but I will continue to post updates about my hair journey as I go on!


| Textures |

They have a great texture description section on their website which I have highlighted below to also really help define your hair type (which in turn will aid you in deciding which products/collections are best for your hair type).


This hair texture resembles beautiful waves of the sea, and can fluctuate as much as KINKY the ocean. These curls are loose with strands lying flat on the scalp with inconsistent shape. Versatile – going from wavy to straight, use lightweight products to keep waves defined, healthy and without frizz.


These strands embrace frizz and are bouncy and spiral, forming ‘S’ like pattern from root to end. While the “S” may fluctuate in size—it’s consistent throughout, creating a ringlet. This hair texture requires consistent moisture to prevent from being dull and brittle.


These gorgeous curls dance to the beat of their own drum. Characterized by a well defined and unique zig-zag and ‘S’ pattern, this hair texture is thick and full of volume. This hair texture is wiry, coarse and typically packed tight to the scalp. Delicate in nature—this hair is prone to breakage. To ensure tresses are healthy—keep moisturized with consistent protein treatments as well as a deep conditioners.


With tighter, more delicate curls—kinky textures create noteworthy halos of beautiful strands that are jaw-dropping to see. These curls have the ability to withstand gravity, which makes them a perfect work of art to gaze upon. These dehydrated-prone curls should include protective styles to ensure health and length retention. The use of hydrating, moisturizing products and definers keep these curls poppin.

I absolutely enjoy these products and I would recommend them in a heartbeat! So make sure you check them out, aren’t if you aren’t buying for yourself, give them a follow! They post very informative content about general health tips, beauty, hair health and female empowerment! Love yourself first, and get Camille Rose.


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