| J U N O | M E D I S P A |

| J U N O | M E D I S P A |

Juno Medispa, Brooklyn, New York City

Dr. Giyuar


Juno Medispa is a Medical Spa business founded by Julia Giyaur, MD. It started off as an ophthalmology practice 15 years ago, and has now gone on to becoming a Medi-spa where Dr. Giyaur has gone on to perform thousands of eye microsurgeries, eyelid lifting procedures, and cosmetic enhancements. As an ophthalmologist, she is uniquely positioned to provide esthetic services to her patients and has detailed knowledge of facial anatomy and extensive experience when dealing with delicate tissues of the face, and years of training and experience enable her to offer the widest range of facial aesthetic services to her patients.

This means that rest assured, all the devices that they use, answer to the latest safety standards and maximize full effectiveness.

Their goal is to enhance your beauty, bring back what has been lost with age (or tiredness in my case!), tighten in some places, volumize in others and all while providing the best customer care experience!


Recover. Rejuvenate. Revite


| Cosmetic Services |

At Juno Medispa, an extensive selection of cosmetic services would be available to you. For whatever your needs may be – and whatever your age or circumstance may be (as long as you are over the age of 18). There is no gender discrimination and men are taking more pride in themselves when it comes to these services too now so they also offer all of these services and modified services for men as well. They are even open to discussing financing options which is usually a big barrier when it comes to being able to afford cosmetic or medical spa services which you can find out a bit more about here.

Either it be hair, eyes, lips, chin, neck, total face or even body part enhancements such as the hands, arms, abdomen and/or legs – there is so much that you can look into:

There isn’t this stigma about cosmetic procedures anymore because people just want to feel happy and content in whatever it is they chose to do and if you have the liberty to make these enhancements for yourself then why not? Anyone that knows me knows that I am super confident and have so much self-love and have never been happier in the last quarter of a century; but I am also a true believer of being happy in your own skin – but this does not mean that you need to be satisfied with certain features that you were genetically-given when you can safely modify them. And the key word here is safely. It is hard to try somewhere new without knowing the history of the practice and you are really putting trust and your health in your medical professional’s hands. So always do your research. And at least try out places that boy have heard reviews from or even such as this blog post – so that you know that people have actually been to the practice, enjoyed the treatments an thesrtvice and have walked away safely and satisfied like me!


| My Visit to Juno Medispa |

They have a beautiful spa center and when you walk in the ambience just screams professionalism and care. I was greeted  by their lovely receptionist and then introduced to the beautiful Doctor Giyaur with whom I discussed my tendencies of always looking slightly tired. This is of course a genetic feature that I inherited (I am so blessed to have the genes that I have honestly I thank God for my parents on a daily basis, however this is something that I just could not fix with just diet, more sleep – which is just not realistic right now having a toddler and working – or exercise. In fact because I DO keep fit it actually makes it worse because the loss of volume I have which makes me look tired is because of a lack of fat under my eyes) and I was advised to consider a Radiesse Facial filler which you can find out more about on the link below:

| T R Y | T H E M |

You can see above the before (picture on the left) and after (2 pictures on the right) pictures. The volume under my eye has been raised.

I am extremely happy with the very subtle difference that I was able to achieve from this service (I started off very minimal as I knew that I will be coming back and didn’t want to change my face – I just want to aim for a more refreshed and less tired look over time) and I will be going back periodically over the next year or so.

And I am including a special offer which is 10% using discount code ENI10 off ANY cosmetic service of your choice if you are lucky to be able to visit this Medical Spa in New York.

If you don’t understand the process of the skins structure but as we get older (and also genetic and environmental issues also apply here), the skin’s production of collagen and elastin slowly decreases, causing tissues to lose their elasticity and structure.  Collagen production slows down significantly after the age of 30 and continues to slow due to aging of collagen producing cells. Loss of bone also occurs especially around the eyes and jawline (especially if you have dental issues).  Wrinkles and folds develop as the face loses its volume and plumpness and can begin to sag. So all of these services above can reduce these things and just give you an overall refreshed look.

If you are not sure where to start or which cosmetic services will be best for you, you can also just request a consultation which will allow you to understand and see if this would actually be something you would be interested in.

I have never had perfect skin, neither have I ever aimed to have societal’s impression of what the “perfect look” is. Trends come and go – but to glow from the outside in is all I always aim for!


| F O L L O W | T H E M |

| I N S T A G R A M |   | F A C E B O O K |

Contact: P: 718.404.9800 A: 2464 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn NY 11223


*DISCLAIMER* I am not a medical professional and everything written above should be confirmed and clarified with your medical professional before undergoing any of these procedures. My personal experience is very sensitive and specific to myself and my skin type and can not be replicated for everyone. You may undergo the exact same service as I did and experience very different results or feelings!

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